“Years of dilapidated communication styles brought me to my original reaction. Months of putting in work with Peter brought me out of it and into a state of healthy communication with others and myself.” - J.D.


It’s easy to find ourselves disconnected and alone in the sometimes painful world in which we live. With competing demands, it can be difficult to make time to consciously reflect on how we live our lives and where we want to go. Through psychotherapy, you can learn to live more authentically and connect to others on a deeper level by becoming more present and compassionate to your own life experience.  There is always room to be more radically gentle and compassionate with ourselves. 

Sessions can look different depending on what is needed in the moment. Many times, we will work on concrete skills meant to bring awareness to your unconscious defenses. Other times, we will process undesirable patterns that you enact in your life in order to set concrete goals so that you can begin to make different choices. Whether adjusting false belief/thoughts or regulating extreme emotions/numbness, there is an approach to healing that can be designed specifically for you.

My practice is informed by various traditional psychotherapy modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and mindfulness strategies. In addition, I have studied extensively AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, somatic approaches, and yogic philosophy.


I do offer some in-person

sessions upon request. Inquire about this possibility.